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Convert DVD .VOB Files for Playback on Smart TV

"I have some old DVDs which have .VOB video files on them.?I want to copy them to my external hard drive which I generally use to playback content on my smart TV. I want to know if I should just change the .VOB extension to .mpeg for playback on my TV or should I use proper format conversion? I heard that .VOB are same as .mpeg.Thanks for guidance."

Have some DVD .vob files and wanna play these VOB files on Smart TV? Here we offers you two possible solutions.

Solution 1. For basic playback from computer to smart TV, for the odd standalone vob's, you can simply rename the .vob to .mpg then cast to the TV. But if it's part of a movie it doesn't really help.

Solution 2. If you wanna get VOB files from DVD to smart TV, you need to rip the DVD files to your hard drive and then convert them to MPEG-2 or MP4, MKV format before playing them on smart TV. Or you can directly convert DVD to smart TV friendly format. In this case, you can get help from Brorsoft DVD Ripper. You can choose to rip one title or the entire DVD to MPEG-2, MP4 favored by LG TV, Samsung TV, Sony TV, Panasonic TV, etc. For Mac users, please get DVD Ripper for Mac.

download_windows.gif download_mac.gif

1. After downloading, install and run the program. Add the DVD .vob movies you want to rip by clicking the DVD folder button on the main interface.


2. Hit the Format box and select target format like MPEG-2, H.264 MP4.


3. Click Convert button to start DVD VOB to smart TV conversion task.

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